No stranger to world records, accomplished powerlifter Kristy Hawkins just pulled a 280kg (617lb) deadlift in a recent training video. While not an officially recognized lift, this insane feat triumphs the official 75kg division deadlift world record by 14.5kg (32lb).

Just days ago on September 9th, Brianny Terry, the current world record holder for the 75kg female powerlifting division, unofficially broke her current record during a training session. Pulling 267.5kg (589lb), she managed to surpass her old record by 2kg in preparation for upcoming powerlifting competitions.

Yet only two days later on September 11th, it seems that Terry’s claim to the record may be in danger. Kristy Hawkins is one of the best 75kg powerlifters, with the world record for the bench, squat, and total.

In fact, the only powerlifting world record she does not hold is for deadlifts. However, she does have the second heaviest deadlift, which is now subject to change after an amazing recent performance. 

In a recent video posted on her Instagram, Hawkins revealed her newest accomplishment, a never-before-seen raw 280kg deadlift. With no belt, Hawkins lifted 14.5kg more than the world record for her weight division using a conventional stance. 

While it is not clear when Hawkins will next compete and possibly cement a new world record on an official stage, it is clear that she is still extremely competitive. If she comes anywhere close to her recent deadlift in a competition then she would almost surely break the world record.

Meanwhile, Terry has announced that she will be competing in the World Raw Powerlifting Federation Showdown later this month. On September 26th, she will almost surely try to break her own best and set the new world record. It seems like the race for the 75kg deadlift record is well on its way, as both Hawkins and Terry continue to up their numbers.