On August 4, Georgian weightlifter Lasha Talakhadze took home a gold medal and achieved three Olympic and world records in the men’s 109-kilogram category at the 2020 Olympics Games.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics - Weightlifting - Men's +109kg - Medal Ceremony - Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan - August 4, 2021. Gold medalist Lasha Talakhadze of Georgia reacts. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Lasha pulled off Olympic and world records for his 223kg (491.6-pound) snatch, 265kg (584.2-pound) clean and jerk and total of 488 kg (1075.8 pounds).

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This is the 27-year-old’s second Olympic gold medal after scoring one in the 2016 Rio Olympics.


“I feel pretty good. I have just gained a second Olympic gold medal and of course I have also set another world record,” Talakhadze said. “We were for a long time looking forward to the Olympics and to win this gold.”

Lasha isn’t slowing down. He pledged to for a third Olympic gold in 2024 and is laser-focused on becoming the first man to lift the once undreamed-of total of 500kg. “At this stage it would be risky, this 500, but I will try my utmost and I will do everything in order to set the nearest margin at least to that limit,” Talakhadze said.

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He is the 5-time European super heavyweight champion, 4-time world super heavyweight champion, and now a 2-time Olympic champion. 

Lasha has displaced many weightlifters to get where he is today, according to BarBend:

 No athlete in recent years has made a home of their weight class more than Talakhadze. The Georgian has spent the better part of the last six years evicting the tenants who had previously enjoyed a life of luxury at the top of the super-heavyweight division, such as Iran’s tenured Behdad Salimi and multi-world-record holder Alexsey Lovchev of Russia. 

Since his first gold medal at the World Weightlifting Championships (WWC) in 2015, Lash has stood at the top of the podium at every international event he has competed in, according to BarBend. 

Lasha doesn’t have a perfect record however, according to Fitness Volt:

Lasha is so dominant that since he started competing basically hasn’t tasted real defeat. The only real stain on his record is the 2013 disqualification and 2-year ban for testing positive for Stanozolol.


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