Sunrises and sunsets are both great, but morning sunlight is the best. There’s something primal and relaxing about sunrises, and it’s known to help you get into your circadian rhythm. 

In other words, your sleep drastically improves. We all know that sleep is critical for building muscle, it’s probably the #1 recovery factor. Everyone could use better sleep, so today, I’m going to go over how you can use morning sunlight to tap into your circadian rhythm. 

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Morning Sunlight and Circadian Rhythm

Everything You Need to Know About Your Circadian Rhythm

Morning sunlight reinforces your natural circadian rhythms. Many biological activities, such as appetite, energy levels, hormone synthesis, and body temperature, are controlled by your body’s circadian rhythm. Because we are diurnal beings, our circadian rhythms are based on the sun’s patterns. 

Here are the crucial elements you need to know about light and your circadian cycles when it comes to sleeping. The temperature of your core body fluctuates slightly during the day. Early in the morning, before waking up, your body is at its coldest. Cortisol is released when your body prepares to wake up, invigorating you and raising your core body temperature. Your body temperature rises during the day before dropping in the evening, signaling to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Your body temperatures mimic the rise and fall of sunlight. That’s how you’re able to tap into a circadian rhythm. 

So now that you know why the circadian rhythm is important, let’s talk about how you can get more morning sunlight to improve it. 

Get outside and face the sun within an hour of waking up. Avoid wearing sunglasses or a hat to make sure the sun reaches your eyes (don’t look directly at it). Spend 30 to 45 minutes in the fresh air. 

Don’t worry if it’s cloudy outside, you’ll still get the benefits of morning sunlight.

Get yourself a wake-up light alarm clock if you need help getting out of bed in the first place. These brighten up your room and make you want to go out and experience the real thing. After that, go outside. You’ll need your morning dose of sunlight to feel energized. 

This is a far better way to start off your day than caffeine. 

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