Protein Powder For… Weight Loss?

protein powders
Which is my favorite?

Much controversy and debate surrounds what protein powders are the best for when it comes to cutting fat as they are traditionally associated with bulking up.

Now, in recent times, we’re not exclusively limited to fifty shades of whey, but we have animal-based protein powders as well as vegan options.

But, in the pursuit of a lean and muscular physique, which is the best protein for losing fat?

The sad reality is that all of the fancy extracts and spices, while some of them can marginally increase net calorie expenditure, all that really matters is calories in calories out.

It’s a simple accounting equation applying the laws of thermodynamics to the human body; if you consume more calories than you burn, you can expect to gain weight — and vice versa.

And while you can get enough protein from eating balanced meals within your daily caloric needs — even in a deficit — you can supplement your daily protein intake through protein shakes if you struggle to get ample protein.

My favorite protein powder while cutting is Carnivor for its low calorie content; however, it’s not a vegan-friendly option.

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At 30g of protein per serving and 120kcals, there are no extraneous calories in this protein powder. And it tastes better than you’d expect, although a little on the thinner side.

Add cold water to elicit more of a “thermogenic effect” or powdered cinnamon for extra taste.

Remember: the so-called “thermogenic effect” is very marginal and won’t signify any drastic reduction in bodyfat.

When dieting to lose fat, the goal is to restrict calories and this powder does exactly that.

The only thing that should be considered when buying a protein powder while burning fat is a 1-to-4 protein-to-calorie ratio. Anything higher contains surplus calories — especially when trying not to use up your calories on calorie-dense foodstuffs.

Sadly, I cannot comment on vegan protein options as I have never tried them.

But the reality is, you don’t need protein powder to lose fat.


You don’t need protein powders to gain muscle.

Slugging a protein shake after the gym has become something of a meme; if you eat a balanced meal within 1-3 hours of training, you will be well on your way to replenishing your body.

A notable shout out to PhD Diet Whey. This diet option has many ingredients found in many-a over-the-counter fat burner such as CLA, L-Carnitine, and green tea extract.

Again, these ingredients might marginally increase total calories burned. If you are serious about shedding bodyfat, you will have to be in a sustained caloric deficit. And Herculean Strength has several articles broaching the subject.

My favorite flavor is white chocolate and it served me well in my early lifting days; and it makes for delicious smoothies with oats, bananas, and berries.

It does, however, contain 1.3g of fat and 5g of carbohydrates per serving, but a total of 91 calories.

If you often fall shy of a daily protein goal — which should be a gram per 1lb bodyweight of lean tissue — I would recommended Carnivor instead.

Look for protein powders with the least carbohydrates and fat to supplement your protein intake when leaning out unless you have more wriggle room with your daily caloric intake.

How to pick a protein powder

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