Wrapping up on October 3, the inaugural Arnold Sports Festival UK finished strong. Professional strongwoman Rhianon Lovelace managed to move up three weight classes and win the first ever Arnold Strongwoman Loglift and Deadlift Championship.


Rhianon Lovelace Dominates

Rhianon Lovelace is one of the best strongwomen to ever compete, dominating the under 64 kilogram weight class for multiple years. She even won the title of World’s Strong Woman in that division. Recently at the 2021 Arnold Strongwomen UK, she made the switch over to the women’s open division. 

Despite moving up three weight classes, Lovelace still smashed the competition and completed an incredible log lift and deadlift. For the log lift, competitors needed to raise a 70kg (154lb) log for as many reps as possible. Lovelace managed 11 reps, nearly twice the amount of the best runner ups. 


Meanwhile, the deadlift contest required the strongwomen contestants to lift 180kg (396lb) for as many reps. Just like her log lift, Lovelace bested the competition by completing 13 full reps. 


In regards to the event, Lovelace was ecstatic and had this to say:

Was on the Be Inspired Stage for a Motivational Talk in between events, and was such an amazing experience. Some truely raw but honest conversation about climbing the ranks. Thankyou everyone that came!”

Clearly Lovelace is a force to be reckoned with, regardless of the weight class. Stay tuned to more of her competitive experiences. The full competition results are down below.

Arnold Strongwoman Deadlift and Log Lift Championship Results – Women’s Open

70kg (154lbs) Log Lift

  1. Rhianon Lovelace:  11 reps
  2. Aneta Brzakova : Six reps
  3. Ashley Reid:  Six reps
  4. Chloe Brennan: Three reps
  5. Katie Smith: Three reps
  6. Andrea Seed: Two reps
  7. Naomi Hadley: One rep
  8. Kay Gallacher: One rep
  9. Claire Bramley: Zero reps

180kg (396lbs) Deadlift 

  1. Rhianon Lovelace : 13 reps
  2. Katie Smith: 10 reps
  3. Kay Gallacher: Seven reps
  4. Aneta Brzakova: Seven reps
  5. Naomi Hadley: Seven reps 
  6. Ashley Reid: Six reps
  7. Chloe Brennan:  Four reps
  8. Claire Bramley: Four reps
  9. Andrea Seed: Three reps