Rory Van Ulft is one of the youngest competitive powerlifters at eight years old. This week, she reached a new PR having deadlifted 90kg (198lb). 

Rory Van Ulft Deadlift: World’s Strongest Child

Rory Van Ulft began her training at only five years old under the close supervision of her parents. Since then, she’s earned quite a reputation as a young powerlifter for placing first in last year’s USA Weightlifting under-11 and under-13 National Youth championships. At seven years old, she managed to complete an 80kg (176lb) deadlift. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she holds the record for the 30kg weight division snatch (32kg or 70.5lb) and clean and jerk (42kg or 92.5kg).

While Van Ulft prefers gymnastics and dedicated most of her training towards the sport, she stills trains consistently to increase her weightlifting numbers. Clearly, she has been making insane progress as evidenced by this new video uploaded to her parent-managed Instagram account.

In the video, Van Ulft lifts 90kg with relative ease, a feat virtually impossible for anyone in her age group. The caption reads:

“Long time coming. ? 90-kg (198-lb) pull by 8-year-old #weightlifter and #gymnast @roryvanulft—3.1x body weight.”

Anyone lifting 3 times their body weight is an extremely impressive achievement. Van Ulft’s new deadlift is especially commendable considering her age. 

Van Ulft is clearly gearing up to be the strongest kid, boy or girl, in the world. However, it is unclear if she will continue onto a bigger professional stage. As of now, there are no announcements when she’ll next compete but Van Ulft remains one of, if not the most, important figure in the youth weightlifting world. 

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