When it comes to breaking world records, athletes are said to be at their peak age and form. Yet, at 72 years old Rudy Kadlub disrupted this norm, having broken several world records at the recent 2021 IPL World Championships.

A co-owner of Kabuki Strength, Rudy Kadlub began his powerlifting career much later than most at 55 years old. Yet, he’s trained incredibly hard in the past few years to become a truly impressive athlete regardless of age. He’s even referred to by his business partner and friend, Chris Duffin, as the “the strongest 60+ year old drug-free powerlifter in the world”.

Well, last weekend at the 2021 IPL World Championships, a drug-tested powerlifting competition, Kadlub really earned that title as he broke the major four world record lifts in the 100kg Master divisions. Here’s a list of his achievements.

  1. Squat – 451lb/204.5kg 
  2. Bench Press – 142kg/314lb
  3. Deadlift – 232kg/512lb 
  4. Total – 579kg/1277lb 

Obviously these lifts are insanely amazing. Kadlub took to Instagram to share his feelings on his victory. He said; 

“Incredibly happy with the results from this past weekend’s IPL Drug-Tested World’s in Costa Mesa—hit a 451 squat, a 314 bench, and 512 deadlift—all world records. Additionally, I was honored to take home the Masters Best Lifter Award. This weekend I hit my highest raw total ever, and I was proud to do it alongside other competitors from Team @kabukistrength.⁣”

He went on to give his thanks to his family, training team, and friends;

I want to thank the amazing Kabuki Coaching staff: Brandon Senn for my excellent programming, Kyle Young and Brandon Morgan for being outstanding handlers on meet day, and the entire Kabuki traveling squad for the cheers—yes, I definitely heard you, and it helped during every attempt!⁣

More thanks go out to Charlie, Franchesca, Wendie, and Kelly. To my training Partner, Paul Downs: you’re always a great help and support in training, and I’m grateful to you for helping make this meet a success. Major thanks to John Hare, brother in iron, and a friend on the platform and off.⁣”


It is important to mention that Kadlub already had a world record in bench and total, meaning he’s actually been improving despite already being the best. There seems to be no ceiling for Kadlub’s achievements so stay tuned to see what new feats he’ll set his mind to. 

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