The Russian Row is, hands down, one of the best core builders out there. Nothing will hit your entire core as hard — with, perhaps, the exception of heavy deadlifts or squats.

It is a very simple, yet dynamic, exercise to perform, and it is the scary mutated cousin of the classic Russian Twist.

You could say it’s a Russian Twist with a twist.

Athletes such as Rugby players, American Football players, Sprinters, and Sparrers will all gain immense core power by incorporating the Russian Row into their workout regimen.

The Russian Row: One of The Best Core Exercises You Can Do

How to do The Russian Row

This exercise is a great finisher or can even be included into a HIIT circuit.

By grabbing a barbell wedged into a landmine set up, proceed to row one end of the barbell side-to-side from a standing position with your arms tucked in like a Venetian Gondola until you can feel your entire core set alight.

There really isn’t much more to say about this exercise other than to implement it.

You should, ideally, put it into your leg day or a core-demanding workout such as one that includes pullups, for example.

Try adding it at the end of your workout for 3 sets of 6-8 reps, starting with an unloaded barbell to begin before gradually adding weight. Do not ego lift on this exercise as the risk will be greater than the reward.

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