You may be surprised to hear that there are various variations of the shoulder press or overhead press that you aren’t doing.

Whether you’re looking to add more exercises to your arsenal or looking to shake up your workouts, these two shoulder press variations can take your training to the next level.

Two Uncommon Shoulder Press Variations

While you may have heard of the Z Press, the W Press is a movement I’ve never seen performed in any gym.

Traditionally, the Z Press involves a barbell, while the W Press involves dumbbells, but both movements can be programmed to enhance your shoulder or push day.

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Z Press

The Z Press is an awesome movement that challenges your shoulders, triceps, and core.

Many athletes and strength athletes alike can benefit enormously from incorporating the Z Press into their training.

Start by sitting down with an unsupported back and press as you would from a standing start.

It is a great accessory or form corrective exercise as it is very difficult to cheat. It also reinforces core and shoulder stability if this is your weakness.

You cannot push from the beginning when the weight load gets tough. If your form breaks down, you won’t be able to complete the movement.

You can also attempt to do this with dumbbells to make it even more challenging.

How to do the Z Press

The W Press

This overhead shoulder press variation is extremely uncommon but humbling and taxing.

You don’t actually extend your arms to lockout as you would for a traditional overhead dumbbell press.

But you keep your arms locked in a 90 degree angle throughout and rely on your scapula and shoulders to complete the movement, placing more emphasis on the shoulders.

Don’t attempt to perform this exercise with anywhere near as much weight as you would with the overhead press.

If you have weak shoulders, this can help bring them up to speed.

Check out the tutorial below.

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