Last weekend, Nadia Stowers absolutely demolished two world records in the 82kg category at the 2021 Static Monsters Worldwide (SMWW) Competition. Taking place at the BIG Speed and Strength Gym in Fontana, CA, she took the axle deadlift and log press world records with relative ease.

Nadia Stowers is no stranger to crazy lifts. She’s an accomplished strongwoman, having won first place at the 2020 SMWW and even competed with the best and won eighth at the 2021 World’s Ultimate Strongwoman contest. 

Even before this year’s SMWW, she was contending with world record holders. During the 2021 Clash of the Corral, she hit a 117.9kg (260lb) log press, surpassing the previous record held by Rebecca Cumpsty. Last year’s SMWW saw Stowers match the supposive world record axle deadlift held by Kim Derks. The two both lifted 295kg (640lb). 

However, after the 2021 SMWW Stowers can definitely say she is the world record champion for these two lifts. She managed to surpass her previous log press record by nearly 13kg, log pressing a whopping 130kg (288lb) during the competition. This clocks in at nearly 1.5 times her body weight, a marvelous feat regardless of weight division. Stowers followed that incredible feat with another world record, a 299kg (660lb) axle deadlift, beating out the previous world record shared by Stowers and Derks by 4kg. 


In regards to her incredible achievements, Stowers had this to say:

“They say shoot for the moon and if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars. I didn’t get my moon today but man these stars are pretty!! Think these are both the highest recorded log press and axle deadlift in a competition so far!-correct me if I’m wrong- now THAT’S exciting!

288 log-24lbs up from last year

660 axle-10lbs up from last year

303 log attempt!! – I’ll GET my moon!”

As Stowers mentioned, she did attempt a 303lb log press. While she was unsuccessful this time, she alludes to her continuing her progress and shooting for even larger lifts in the future. Stay tuned. 

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