Everyone wants to be a better lover, but outside from pills and potions, is there anything you can do in the gym to become a better lover?

The answer is a resounding yes — you can become a better lover through gym exercises.


Build up your cardio, stamina, love-giving abilities, and more with these simple workouts.

Of course, those who lift weights and develop strength, will overall, be better lovers than the average person due to their strength levels.

But there are specific exercises you can include in your regimen for this explicit end.

What Do You Need to Train to Become a Better Lover?

better lover

Let’s break down what’s needed.

First you will need to develop all of the following — in order of importance — to become a better lover:

  • cardio (without it, you’ll be gassed in no time)
  • posterior chain (hinge pattern movements)
  • core
  • triceps, pectorals, deltoids (for missionary)
  • biceps and upper back (for lifting)

We will keep the exercises as “functional” as possible for these ends.

1. Cardio

Without decent cardiovascular fitness, it won’t matter how strong you are in other departments — nobody wants a partner who breathes heavily and sweats profusely while struggling to do the deed.

You can barbell hip thrust 600lb for reps, but, if your cardio sucks, your lackluster stamina will overshadow your prowess elsewhere.

Cardio will also help keep your bodyfat percentage down as well as offer a myriad of other health benefits. For more info, check out our article on the best forms of cardio for fat loss.

2. Barbell Hip Thrust

Now, the hinge pattern movement and posterior chain development directly mimics the act of lovemaking in several positions.

Big glutes and hammies will go a long way in improving your performance and helping control other aspects.

The Hip Thrust — especially Barbell Hip Thrust — is the best gym exercise you can do to become a better lover, and the direct carryover will be enjoyed by all parties.

If you don’t have access to a barbell or the correct equipment, Kettlebell Swings are a great replacement as they mimic the same hinge pattern movement from a standing position.

Cable-Pull Throughs are also a less dynamic version of both and offer far less spinal loading — in case you have a bad back.

3. Plank Variations

You need to have a bulletproof to become the best lover you can be.

The core stabilizes your entire body in a variety of sex positions. A strong core is also a wonder to look at for your partner when you’re at lower bodyfat percentages in addition to the practical benefits it offers.

Although there are more potent and challenging core exercises out there, I have chosen the plank as it mimics the missionary position.

My personal favorite variation of the plank is the Stir-The-Pot Plank done on a Swiss Ball which constantly requires the isometric hold to counteract the instability of the moving Swiss Ball.

This transfers over to lovemaking by imitating the uneven surfaces such as a soft mattress upon which you might be performing several acts.

4. Weighted Push Ups

There are better chest, shoulder, and tricep developers out there, such as dips or bench press, but this one directly carries over to most positions where the man is on top.


This exercise will strengthen all of the stabilizing upper body muscles while you’re on top as well as the stabilizing core muscles.

The classic pushup might not be enough for some, and some variety might spice up this exercise.

You can use a weighted vest, plate, or even your sexual partner — to show off — to add extra resistance to the exercise.

5. T-Bar Rows

A strong upper back and biceps will help you lift and maneuver your partner while changing positions or pinning them against the wall.

A strong upper back and biceps offer something to grab onto while you’re pounding away.

The T-Bar Row is the best exercise for becoming a better lover as the narrow grip imitates clasping your hands around their waist.

The positioning of the movement activates the same muscles you would use while you lift up your partner.

Furthermore, you require your posterior chain and core muscles to stabilize your body while you complete the exercise — isometrically strengthening other crucial muscles you will be using.

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