The Meadows Row is a great upper back builder you can add into your program or if heavy dumbbells are unavailable for single arm rows.

Named after the late great John “Mountain Dog” Meadows, this upper back exercise will humble you quickly.

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By taking a landmine, adding weight, and rowing the tip, this one-arm row can pack on serious size to your upper back and arms.

Although it isn’t common to see this exercise done at a commercial gym, given its set up, you should definitely give it a go for yourself.

Why You Should Do The Meadows Row

The Meadows Row is a challenging movement that will give you a great lat stretch while activating the lats, rhomboids, teres major and minor, traps, rear deltoids, biceps, and forearms.

This exercise is highly stimulating while being easy on the fatigue, meaning that it is a great addition if you’re in a caloric deficit.

Also, since the landmine set up has a rigid range of motion, it’s difficult to cheat or ego lift on this exercise — we’ve all seen guys using their legs to kip the dumbbell up to their waist.

As it’s difficult to cheat on this exercise and you can put yourself in a more comfortable rowing position, it is easier on the lower back than the Dumbbell Row or Barbell Row.


You should typically add this variation after your primary upper back movements such as the Deadlift or Barbell Row.

In fact, the Meadows Row is the perfect finisher for your back or pulling day.

Try completing the exercise for 3 sets of 10-12 reps with a full range of motion and ensuring that you feel a stretch in your upper back at the beginning of each rep.

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