One of the most fun parts of going to the gym is taking pre workout, but this substance has unfortunately been abused over the years. Today, we’re going over the 5 most illegal pre workouts and why you should avoid them. Don’t try to buy them, it’s not worth it. Learn which ones to stay away from.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Illegal Pre Workouts

illegal pre workouts

This almost goes without saying but you should not take illegal pre workouts. These substances are banned for a reason, it’s because they are hazardous to your health.

Using illegal pre-workouts like jack3d aren’t just unhealthy, they can be fatal. A U.S. Soldier died from running a little over a decade ago after taking the jack3d original formula. Putting things that our ancestors didn’t in our bodies is always a dangerous game, so be safe.

One more thing to keep in mind is that these banned pre-workouts may have ingredients that are not properly regulated or tested. An optimistic way of looking at it means that you might not get the full benefits of taking the said substance. A negative (and more realistic) way of looking at it means there’s probably more dangerous things in there. You can’t be 100% sure or how safe these pre workouts are, so don’t risk it taking an illegal pre workout.


Now, let’s get something straight. I am very pro pre workout. In fact, I take it 6 times a week. My favorite pre workout is Zeus Juice which has 100% tested and legal ingredients to help you get a huge pump in the gym.

To protect yourself, only use legal pre workout supplements. Your health should always come first, and is more important than looking cool on social media.

Don’t forget that a good pre workout isn’t effective without a good workout routine. I recommend the Summer Superhero, and actually wrote a review of it here.


Crack by Dark Labs

Crack by Dark Labs is a huge mix of illegal substances. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure this pre gives a massive surge of energy and focus, and probably has some great strength building benefits as well. Unfortunately, this illegal pre workouts ingredients are way too hazardous to be legal.

There are two major problems with crack pre workout. One, it’s called crack. You should probably stay away from anything like that. Two, it’s loaded with DMAA, a banned substance. The NCAA banned it, and so did many other anti doping agencies.

DMAA Pre Workout

In case you’re wondering what DMAA is, I’ll give you the scoop (haha no pun intended). I personally have tried it, but this was before I knew it was a banned substance.

Let’s rewind the clock a couple years to when I was in high school. I walked into my local gym right after high school with the rest of my friends. One of them was bragging about having this super cool pre workout that we all HAD to try. So, we tried it.

About five minutes went by and then I started sweating like crazy. My heart rate went up but I expected something like this to happen. I did notice that I was stronger and more focused, but other than that not much changed. Oh yeah… and my d*ck shrunk temporarily for a couple of hours.

Overall, definitely avoid illegal pre workouts, especially ones with DMAA.


Jack3d was once a popular pre workout supplement that a lot of people were using. I’d say it was almost as popular as todays nitraflex. When it was banned, a huge controversy started over the ingredient DMAA (as mentioned above).

So, why was jack3d banned? A U.S. soldier died on a run after taking it. The original Jack3d formula contained substances that could be dangerous. To stay safe, it’s best to avoid it completely.


There is a new jack3d formula that has been tested for banned ingredients, so if you really want to try it, go with that one.

C4 Banned

This illegal pre workout might shock you. C4?! The one you can get at every store? Luckily, only the NCAA banned this pre workout, but it’s due to C4 containing synephrine (a banned ingredient).

I won’t go as far to say that C4 is dangerous because plenty of people take it and are fine, but let’s. be honest. Why would you take C4 when there are so many other cool pre workouts out there?

Dark Energy Banned

Dark Energy, an illegal pre workout, shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who’s been around the fitness industry for making this list. It’s infamous for its illegal ingredients and potential health risks. Hands down, nobody should take it.

What exactly made Dark Energy a banned pre workout? These two ingredients:

  • 100 mg of DMAA
  • 200 mg of DMHA

Both of these ingredients DMAA and DMHA are hazardous and it’s just best to avoid them. Similar to SARMS, Dark Energy is sold as a research chemical not for human consumption.

Krak’n Pre Workout Banned

The Krak’n Banned Pre Workout is quite possibly the most shady pre workout ever made. No ingredient labels, just claims about how it will make you more energized and strong.

All we know is that Krak’n contains DMAA which is an instant red flag, and has a shady manufacturer. You’re far better off sticking to Zeus Juice.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are illegal pre workouts?

Illegal pre workouts are supplements that contain banned substances or ingredients that are not approved. These substances usually pose health risks.

2. Why should I avoid illegal pre workouts?

Illegal pre workouts can have serious health consequences that can be long lasting. They may contain harmful substances or ingredients you aren’t aware of. Consumption of these products can lead to adverse reactions, such as elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, liver damage, and even death.

3. How can I identify illegal pre workout supplements?

To identify illegal pre workouts, it is essential to check the ingredients listed on the product label. Look for any banned substances or ingredients that are known to be associated with adverse effects. Don’t buy it from shady sites or dealers in real life. If it’s sold in Walmart or GNC, you’re probably fine.

4. What are the legal consequences of using illegal pre workouts?

The use and sale of illegal pre workouts can result in legal consequences. In many countries, these supplements are considered controlled substances, and their possession or distribution is a criminal offense. Most of the time it’s the seller getting trouble, not the consumer, but regardless you don’t want to get caught with these.

5. What are the alternatives to illegal pre workouts?


With countless pre workouts on the market, there’s an excess abundance of legal ones out there. My favorite is Zeus Juice. There is no reason to get your hands on an illegal pre workout. Try getting your hands on some creatine too.