The Zercher Bulgarian Split Squat is a terrifying — yet deadly effective — addition you can make to your leg day.

By taking the already-tough Bulgarian Split Squat and throwing in the Zercher barbell position, you’ve created a monstrous hybrid that will have your legs, glutes, and core screaming in submission.

Lifters who suffer from back problems can benefit greatly from this modification, too.

The Zercher Bulgarian Split Squat

Zercher Bulgarian Split Squat
Man performing the Zercher Bulgarian Split Squat

It’s very simple to perform, but boasts an exceptionally high ROI on your leg day.

You don’t need to load your spine with the weight of a small car to get a decent leg pump either.

All that’s needed is around 10-15% of your Squat 1 rep max and 3 sets of 8-10 reps.

Granted, the Zercher Bulgarian Split Squat won’t be the primary focus of your leg day, but it will take your training session up a notch.

Benefits of this variation

First, the position of the bar makes for a far more stable movement as the weight load is constantly over the middle of your foot and you won’t have to readjust yourself to remain balanced every couple of reps.

Those who suffer from lower back issues will find that this variation has far less spinal loading than the tradition set up across your traps.

All split-leg or lunge pattern movements translate greatly to athletic movements as they mimic many athletic patterns such as running. The balance and ankle mobility required to maintain your form throughout the set is far less compromised than the traditional set up.

You can also hit greater depth throughout the movement without lower back rounding (buttwink) as with the traditional set up.

Add this movement towards the end of your leg day after you’ve completed your primary lifts. But be warned: this variation is very tiring and doesn’t require much weight for effective use.

Check out our article on leg exercises with reduced spinal loading and why spinal decompression is important.

How to do the Zercher Bulgarian Split Squat

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