Yet more evidence that coffee is a superfood, this time courtesy of Harvard University. People who drink a few cups of coffee a day have more testosterone and less estradiol in their blood than non-drinkers. And the good news is, if you’re worried about caffeine intake, decaffeinated coffee has the same effect. So what are you waiting for? Go brew yourself a pot now!

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Here’s another way you can try to be more like Arnold: drink coffee!


Coffee, Testosterone, and Estradiol

A study from Harvard published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that regular drinkers of coffee, both male and female, have higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of estradiol (a feminising hormone) than non-drinkers.

The researchers used the data of 17,881 women and 8,848 men collected within the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study.

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The researchers found statistically significant differences in levels of testosterone and estradiol between those who drank more than one cup of coffee a day and those who did not.

They tried to identify the compounds responsible for these effects by using both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. Interestingly, both types produced the same results, meaning that the caffeine was not responsible. Instead, these effects are likely to be the results of the phenols – plant-compounds – in the coffee, such as chlorogenic acid. 

The benefits didn’t stop there, either. The researchers also looked at the ‘good fat hormone’ adiponectin and the inflammatory factor CRP. In the blood of the study participants who drank 4 cups or more of coffee per day, they found 16.6 percent less CRP and 9.3 percent more adiponectin.

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Do you believe now?

As we said, this is yet more evidence that coffee is a superfood. We’ve already written about its potent effects as a pre-workout, increasing fat loss and exercise performance. 

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One of the most heartening things about this study is the fact that caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties seem to have the same effect. Sleep is an absolute vital aspect of training and recovery, one that receives less attention than it should, and we know that many are wary of coffee because of its potential to disrupt sleep.

But without the need to worry about the sleep-disrupting effects of caffeine, go ahead and pour yourself a delicious cup of anabolic coffee – however you like it, whenever you like it.

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