SR9009 or Stenabolic has risen to fame as a fat burning compound on the internet, but how does SR9011 — a new and improved version of SR9009 — measure up to its predecessor?

SR9011 works in a similar fashion to SR9009, GW501516, and GW0472.

A Rev-ErbA agonist, SR9011 is sold as a fat burning compound, often in conjunction with other SARMs cycles and stacks alike.

Initially developed to improve upon SR9009’s poor bioavailability, short half-life, and frequent redosing, SR9011 has shown initial promise as a PED that can help with shedding fat at an accelerated pace.

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What is SR9011?

SR9011 is a Rev-ErbA agonist, which means it works by binding to Rev-ErbA receptors in the body.

As we published in our master article on SR9009 (Stenabolic), we mention how SR9009 shares a similar function to GW501516, making SR9011 also similar in that regard:

Stenabolic, otherwise known as SR 9009, is a powerful product that is often paired with SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) or used individually. Although it is usually mentioned in the same breath as SARMs, Stenabolic is not actually a SARM, but it does work in a similar way.

The Stenabolic molecule

In truth, Stenabolic is much more like Cardarine than a true SARM and its effects are broadly the same as cardarine’s. Primarily, Stenabolic enhances fat loss, energy levels and endurance. It’s even been called ‘a workout in a bottle’ because of its ability to increase your body’s metabolic rate and thus burn fat.

Rev-ErbA proteinsSee the source image

Instead of binding to the androgen receptors, Stenabolic binds to the Rev-ErbA molecule and enhances its activity. Rev-ErbA is a protein found mainly in muscle tissue, fat and the liver. Let’s look at how Stenabolic works in each of these different tissues. Note, before we continue, that these effects are attested in animal studies only; although they are backed up by a wealth of anecdotal evidence that you’ll find on Youtube or in Reddit forums like r/sarmssourcetalk.

By binding to Rev-ErbA in the muscular tissue, Stenabolic increases mitochondria – the energy-generating organelles – resulting in increased endurance and also increased fat-burning. Mice treated with Stenabolic were able to run farther and for longer periods of time.

In the liver, Stenabolic helps to block the production of fat cells, helping to promote fat loss.

In the fat cells themselves, Stenabolic helps block the gene that is responsible for storing fat and encourages the body to use its fat reserves.

Stenabolic also modulates inflammatory response by enhancing the production of cells called macrophages, which remove dead or dying cells.

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SR9009 vs SR9011

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SR9009 vs SR9011 molecules

As previously mentioned, SR9011 offers many of the same benefits offered by SR9009 and Cardarine, including:

  • Increased Metabolic Rate
  • Fat utilization
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Athletic Endurance
  • Lean Muscle Mass Retention

One study even claims that SR9011 could assist users with shedding an additional 10-15 pounds in a 2-3 month cycle [R].

Doping agencies around the world have outlawed the use of SR9009 or SR9011 due to its supraphysiological effects on users as metabolic modulators, giving them an unfair advantage over natural competitors.

However, since the long term effects aren’t well studied, we urge readers to proceed with caution when sampling as they are not FDA approved and can only be sold for research purposes.

At present, users are advised to take between 10-20mg per day in an 8-12 week cycle.

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How to Buy SR9011

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