SARMs are popular Performance Enhancing Drugs that can pack on multiple pounds of mass in a cycle. But what is the lowdown with these steroid alternatives?

Note: This publication does not condemn or condone the use of SARMS or any other performance enhancing drug. Please note, SARMS are yet to be formally approved for human consumption and the long-term side effects are still not fully ascertained.

SARMs — Immensely Popular PEDs

Jon Anthony SARMs results
Jon Anthony SARMs results in 2 months

SARMS have blown up across various fitness pages across the internet.

Promises of unparalleled muscle and strength gains, “legal steroids,” less side effects, no need for a post-cycle therapy, and everything you could ever dream of sometimes follow this newish “legal steroid.”

Just become something is legal, it doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Think of the recent opioid crisis or the number of celebrities who have died over the years from overdosing on legal substances.

And due to the present legality of SARMS, far too many people can throw caution to the wind.

Alcohol and tobacco are legal, but they’re abused on a daily basis.

A recent look into London’s “Fatberg” found that SARMS were more present than MDMA or Cocaine in oils and natural matter found in the capital city’s sewers [R].

So, despite the new(ish) supplement’s crescent popularity, what do they actually do?

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What are SARMS?

RAD 140
RAD 140 – Bottle from Rats Army and Molecule

Not to be confused with SERMS, SARMS stand for “selective androgen receptor modulators” and work similarly to steroids by binding to the body’s receptors and recoding DNA to become more efficient — or “tissue selective — at packing on muscle.

Unlike anabolic steroids, which bind to androgen receptors in many tissues all over the body, individual SARMs selectively bind to androgen receptors in certain tissues, but not in others [R].

Although originally developed as “steroidal SARMS” for a viable cure for osteoporosis, cancer, and other diseases in the 1940’s by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, “non-steroidal” SARMS were pioneered in the 90s by GTx Inc giving us the SARMS we use today.

The performance enhancing drug (PED) has presented itself as an attractive alternative to androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) in recent years due to boasting less side effects and its current legal status.

SARMs have significantly risen in popularity for this very reason. And as SARMs are more “tissue-selective” while boasting far less androgenic side effects — hair loss, acne, prostate enlargement, clitoral enlargement, unwanted hair growth, etc. — due to binding to skeletal muscle receptors. SARMs have begun to even overshoot anabolic steroids in some parts of the globe.

Bodybuilders and powerlifters alike run SARMs and even stack them with steroids to yield their desired results. This is because SARMs can yield keepable muscle and strength gains without drastic hormonal shifts.

As AAS are illegal and carry heavy punishments in many countries, SARMs are able to circumvent legal parameters due to its liquid form, thus putting them in a legal grey area.

As a result, SARMS have filled a massive consumer demand for the PED as lifters strive to attain superhuman physiques.

Another attractive benefit of SARMs is its user-friendly oral consumption. Lifters might be deterred at the prospect of intramuscular injections in pinning certain steroids — as oral-only steroid cycles are mostly ill-advised for their liver toxicity and other side-effects.

Do They Work?

This is the grand question.

Yes, SARMS absolutely DO work and various lifters have reported stellar results after a cycle of SARMS.

Some people have claimed to have gained several pounds in “muscle” while taking SARMS.

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This does, however, have to be taken with a pinch of salt as there are various factors at play. Water retention, bloat, and other determining factors may skew the results — especially considering how some SARMS may increase appetite.

“SARMs have been shown in early clinical studies to build lean mass and muscle strength,” James Dalton, PhD, dean of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Michigan, told Healthline.

“They differ from commonly used androgenic steroids by their ability to stimulate muscle and bone growth with lesser prostatic effects in males and virilizing effects in females.” [R]

On a sidenote, the illegality of AAS’s in many countries as also seen a nascent rise in doctor-prescribed Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) offering superphysiological — but smaller — doses of testosterone to lifters looking to improve their physique, well-being, and avoid breaking the law.

Ligandrol molecule
Ligandrol molecule

SARMS come in a powdered form, but are sold diluted in liquid form — not capsules for legal reasons — to be consumed orally — NOT INJECTED. They are not to be sold for human consumption in capsule form, but as liquids for “research purposes.”

Despite these warnings, some have recorded eye-opening anecdotes concerning their experiences documented on our article on Ligandrol:

In fact, anecdotal evidence is in many ways the gold standard in such contexts, and should not be treated as inferior. 

Here are two testimonies, taken from Reddit, from users of Ligandrol.

‘I finally gained 3 pounds after only 2 weeks! Solid mass! All of my max weights have been upped by at least 20 to 30 pounds. I’m hitting weight I’ve never even touched before. My wife straight asked me if I was on roids and I said no but close, sarms.’

Another user wrote:

‘I am now a week into a cycle and have the gains of a month straight of me working my ass off… I’ve got my 6 pack back in a week and all the fat on my stomach that was my original problem is now almost non existent. I will post before after pictures so I may prove the effectiveness of this SARM but damn I’m… elated right now. I’ve recommended it to my skinny brothers as well as I know they will gain and bulk up with just 4 weeks of this supplement. Guys, I’ve taken oral gear before and had gyno [gynecomastia – growth of breast tissue] issues almost immediately. So far no side effects’ 

A user from the Anabolic Minds forum, who was almost certainly taking a higher dose than the usual dose most users of Ligandrol take, reported the following increases over a period of just a single month.

  • 12lbs increase in body weight
  • 60lbs increase in squat
  • 45lbs increase in bench press
  • 60lbs increase in deadlift
  • 35lbs increase in standing press

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Cycles, PCT, and Doping

SARMs cycles typically last between 2-3 months depending on the compound or stack, but this may vary according to several factors such as stack, user experience, dosage, etc.

Some SARMs cycles might require a post-cycle therapy (PCT) shortly after consumption or even liver protection such as NAC to combat hepatotoxicity from certain oral compounds.

SARMs are banned from most drug-tested competitions for their supraphysiological effects on the body. Heck, caffeine was once banned from certain sporting competitions. It’s worth noting that, because of its anabolic and performance-enhancing properties, most SARMs are a prohibited substance and are listed as an S1 Anabolic Agent on WADA’s prohibited list.

Types of SARMS

Cardarine – GW501516

Not quite a SARM, but Cardarine, while technically a PPAR-Gamma receptor agonist that binds to the PPAR-Delta receptor, is often lumped in with other SARMs when it is marketed — given its similar legal status, short duration in the system, and usage.

Many lifters and fitness enthusiasts use Cardarine to either help lose weight or prevent weight gain during a bulk. Unlike other fat-burning products, Cardarine does not affect the nervous system.

Cardarine was primarily developed to treat obesity, diabetes, lipid strain, and heart health problems. Cardarine activates AMP-activated protein kinase, glucose uptake and fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle (see Figure 1.2.1). Cardarine may reverse metabolic abnormalities in obese and pre-diabetic individuals by stimulating fatty acid oxidation, burning fat and increasing glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue, which changes the body’s metabolism to burn fat for energy instead of muscle or carbohydrates.[R]

Cardarine was initially developed in 1992 by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as a metabolic agent with potential anti-cancer, anti-obesity and cardiovascular applications. Phase I trials of cardarine for the treatment of hyperlipidaemia began in 2000 followed by phase I/II in 2002. Further development of cardarine was abandoned in 2007 for safety reasons when preclinical toxicology showed that it caused various cancers [R].

Cardarine is highly sought after by many fitness enthusiasts either to assist them with fat loss or to prevent fat gain while packing on size. It is also selected for its effect in increasing HDL (good) cholesterol that is sometimes decreased by other anabolic compounds. Cardarine has also proven remarkably popular for its ability to significantly improve cardiovascular fitness in middle-long distance athletes through the creation of new blood vessels and development of Type I (slow twitch) muscle fibers.

Unlike OstarineLigandrolRAD 140 and Andarine, Cardarine is not an anabolic SARM. Cardarine is not used to build muscle, although it is often used during a muscle building regime or bulking phase as part of a stack. Rather, what Cardarine provides is enhanced metabolic properties:

  • Enhanced fat loss
  • Reduced or minimal fat gain during bulking
  • Increased HDL cholesterol
  • Improved cardiovascular performance

After you’ve dealt with your cortisol levels, you’ll find that the excess testosterone binds with it, rendering it inactive. To prevent fat gain yet keeping your calories up requires a PPAR modulator such as Cardarine (GW-50156). This will regulate the rate at which you burn fat. It does this in a number of ways but essentially it promotes glycogen retention in muscle tissue. This allows the body to alter its metabolism and increase the amount of fat burned instead of using carbs or protein as fuel.

This is a true win/win and means your body retains muscles and yet fat retention is reduced. This, in turn, will give you more stamina (through a process of “angiogenesis” or the creation of new blood vessels stemming from preexisting ones) and can have the added bonus of reducing cravings.” [R].

Some users have reported an increased base metabolic rate making it easier to enter a calorie deficit [R], a boost in energy — something which makes testosterone an attractive performance-enhancing drug — and a drop in LDL (bad) cholesterol yet a rise in HDL (good) cholesterol [R].

Ostarine – MK-2866

Ostarine is a SARM that is often favored by strength athletes. Some lifters report making consistent strength gains each training session while consuming Ostarine.

Although there is no certified research on the use of this SARM for bodybuilding purposes, research in other contexts indicates that ostarine can significantly enhance lean muscle mass for both men and women [R]. 

Even with a dose as low as one milligram, ostarine can have significant effects.

A study on muscle-wasting in cancer patients showed that a one-milligram dose of ostarine led to a substantial increase in power climbing stairs, and those administered higher doses saw even greater effects [R].

Again, this is strong evidence for ostarine’s muscle-building effects.

Animal trials have also indicated that Ostarine can increase bone density and prevent bone loss, which should be of interest to weightlifters in general, but especially to those who lift heavy weights and are therefore at increased risk of bone injuries including fractures [R].

Of course, it would be strange for athletes and competitors to be taking ostarine, and running the risk of being caught, if it didn’t have the desired effect.

Besides the clinical evidence, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence for the muscle-building effects of Ostarine.

Ostarine is often referred to as the ‘most anabolic’ SARM, and it’s for this reason that bodybuilders, strength athletes (powerlifters, Olympic lifters, strongmen), practitioners of contact sports, martial artists and gymbros are the ones you’ll find taking it.

All of these groups seek the following benefits:

  • Loss of unwanted body fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass (even in a caloric deficit)
  • Increased energy levels

It is important to note that anecdotal evidence is often the gold-standard, or the closest to it, that we can achieve in the world of fitness.

As Mark Rippetoe notes, there are no clinical peer-reviewed studies on the effectiveness of a particular dose of the steroid dianabol, but there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence that will tell you what you need to know.

Users report gains of around 5-7lbs of lean mass over a period of six weeks (you should cycle ostarine, see below), as well as increased strength and endurance. One experienced powerlifter on Reddit describes his experience with ostarine thus.

“The first week, I immediately noticed the effects of the drug. At first I thought it was a placebo effect. However, the effect continued- I was not getting sore after my training sessions and I was able to perform significantly more volume work during the training sessions.

“As an experienced lifter, I am not often “de-trained,” so I am seldom “sore” after lifting.

“However, the type of pain I usually feel is fatigue and deep soreness of your body being wrecked from very heavy weight. Sets of 5 at 85% of your 1RM will wreck you.

“With Ostarine, they didn’t wreck me. I really didn’t feel wrecked. I felt like I lifted the next day, sure, but I didn’t have the “hit by a truck” feeling. It was crazy. I couldn’t believe it.”

Although he only took ostarine for a short period, he noticed serious changes within a week.

Ligandrol – LGW-4033

Ligandrol is another anabolic SARM, like ostarine, and is generally sought out and used by the same groups: bodybuilders, strength athletes (powerlifters, Olympic lifters, strongmen), practitioners of contact sports, martial artists and gymbros. The benefits of ligandrol are more or less the same as those of ostarine.

  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass (even in a caloric deficit) and therefore strength
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased bone strength 

The anecdotal evidence seems to be that ligandrol may even help you put on more mass than ostarine, but some of that extra mass may be of a lesser quality, i.e. may be water weight due to mineral retention.

Ostarine appears to have better fat loss properties than ligandrol and can be used effectively to gain muscle during a caloric deficit.

Ligandrol may also have more potent side effects than ostarine; although, in both cases, the side effects are mild compared to steroids, unless you use the SARMs at much higher dosages than normal, and even then you won’t encounter problems like an enlarged prostate or gynecomastia.

Ligandrol, as a SARM with performance-enhancing effects, is listed as an S1 Anabolic Agent on WADA’s prohibited list.

A number of athletes have been given bans as a result of testing positive for Ligandrol, including: 

  • Florida Gators quarterback Will Grier (2015)
  • NBA player Joakim Noah (2017)
  • Australian swimmer Shayna Jack (2019)

Ligandrol binds to the androgen receptors and mimics the effects of testosterone, increasing protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth.

This is also what steroids do, but SARMs generally have an advantage over steroids, because they only bind to receptors in skeletal muscle tissue.

Steroids, by contrast, work on other tissues in the body and have, as a result, been linked to all sorts of side effects, including prostate and heart problems.

SARMs are also non-aromatising, meaning that they aren’t converted to estrogen by the body in an attempt to maintain the body’s testosterone-to-estrogen balance.

By contrast, aromatisation can occur when using steroids or testosterone injections, which upset that balance, leading to problems such as gynecomastia (formation of breast tissue).

Although there is no certified research on the use of this SARM for bodybuilding purposes, research in other contexts indicates that Ligandrol can significantly enhance lean muscle mass for both men and women. 

A 21-day study on 76 healthy young men found that all the participants experienced increased lean muscle mass.

They also showed increased leg press strength and power climbing stairs.

Ligandrol, like Ostarine, has a very high potency, and doses ranging between 0.1 and 1mg yielded significant results [R].

Animal trials have shown similar results. Ligandrol may increase bone mass and strength, muscle mass and sexual function, without interfering with sensitive areas of the body like the prostate, as steroids do [R].

Total gains over the course of a cycle are generally in the same ballpark as with Ostarine. After eight weeks, you can expect to gain 5-7lbs, or perhaps even 10lbs. 

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Andarine – S4/S23

As an another anabolic SARM, like OstarineLigandrol and RAD 140, Andarine is generally used by bodybuilders, strength athletes (powerlifters, Olympic lifters, strongmen), practitioners of contact sports, martial artists and gymbros. The benefits of Andarine are:

  • Increased lean muscle mass (including during a calorie deficit) and therefore strength
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased bone strength 
  • Decreased body fat

Andarine, as a SARM with performance-enhancing effects, is listed as an S1 Anabolic Agent on WADA’s prohibited list. In our articles on Ostarine and Ligandrol, we have used lists of athletes who have been banned for using those substances, in order to illustrate their respective properties.

In the case of S4 (Andarine), like RAD 140, it is much harder to find evidence of athletes who have been banned or received sanction for using the substance.

S4 (Andarine) and RAD 140 both seem to be less well known than Ostarine and Ligandrol; although that is not necessarily reason to assume that Ostarine and Ligandrol are the best or better SARMs than Andarine and RAD 140.

Among the cases we could readily find were those of Kayle Leogrande, a cyclist banned for testing positive for Andarine among other substances, and the Australian horse trainer Stuart Gower, who received a sanction when the horse Saturday Sorcerer tested positive for S4 (Andarine) after its win in the Darwin Cup.

There have been no clinical human trials on S4 Andarine. It is regarded as being weaker than other SARMs like Ostarine and Ligandrol and is usually stacked with other SARMs to increase its effects. We will discuss how to stack SARMs in a separate article. 

In addition to its anabolic properties, S4 (Andarine) is touted as one the best SARMs for fat loss, based on clinical trials in rats, which showed a significant decrease in body fat [R].

S4 (Andarine) has a unique side effects among SARMs in that many users report altered vision.


RAD 140 is another anabolic SARM, like Ostarine and Ligandrol, and is generally sought out and used by the same groups: bodybuilders, strength athletes (powerlifters, Olympic lifters, strongmen), practitioners of contact sports, martial artists and gymbros. The benefits of RAD 140 are:

  • Increased lean muscle mass (including during a calorie deficit) and therefore strength
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased bone strength 

RAD 140, as a SARM with performance-enhancing effects, is listed as an S1 Anabolic Agent on WADA’s prohibited list.

In our articles on Ostarine and Ligandrol, we have used lists of athletes who have been banned for using those substances, in order to illustrate their respective properties. In the case of RAD 140, which seems to be less well known than Ostarine or Ligandrol, fewer professional athletes have been banned for using it.

RAD 140 binds to the androgen receptors and mimics the effects of testosterone, increasing protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth.

RAD 140, like the other SARMs, is administered orally. There is no need to inject it, as you would steroids or other compounds like human growth hormone. 

The best way to use RAD 140 is in a cycle of six to eight weeks. This will give you significant gains and then allow your body, including your body’s testosterone levels, to recover. It’s a bad idea to lengthen a cycle beyond 12 weeks, because of the hormonal side effects and because the long-term effects of taking SARMs are at this stage unknown. 

While the clinical studies have reported significant effects as a result of even small doses– even below a single milligram – the more you take, the greater the effects.

The general dosage favoured seems to be 10 to 15mg a day.

However, it should be noted that the more you take, the greater the side effects will be. As is well known, this is also the case with steroids; although even at higher doses, SARMs will not have the same side effects as steroids.

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Ibutamoren (MK-677)

Ibutamoren, also known as MK-677, is a non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptors and a growth hormone secretagogue. In simple terms, this means that Ibutamoren mimics the growth-hormone stimulating effects of the hormone ghrelin.Ibutamoren skeletal.svg

The Ibutamoren molecule (C27H36N4O5S)

Although Ibutamoren is not a SARM, it is commonly used in SARM stacks and its effects are similar to those of SARMs; namely, muscle growth and increased bone density, as well as other potentially beneficial effects, which we’ll examine below. Despite this, like most SARMs, Ibutamoren is not currently approved to be marketed for human consumption. Ibutamoren and SARMs can, however, be sold as research chemicals – ‘not for consumption’ – and so this allows users loophole access to them. 

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At present, there are only a handful of clinical studies of growth hormone secretagogues like Ibutamoren. We will consider the clinical evidence for its effects and benefits.

Ibutamoren works by promoting the secretion of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), both of which, broadly considered, stimulate processes of growth within the body, including muscle mass and strength increases, as well as reductions in body fat [R] [R]. Ibutamoren does this by mimicking the effects of ghrelin and binding to the ghrelin receptors in the brain, which are found in regions of the brain that control appetite, mood, the ‘biological clock’, memory and cognition. 

Ghrelin, produced in the gut, is often referred to as the ‘hunger hormone’ because it regulates appetite, signalling your brain to eat. Its levels increase when you are dieting, increasing your feelings of appetite. Although ghrelin’s main effect is to make you consume more calories and store fat, it has a variety of other effects including regulating sleep patterns, reward-seeking behaviour, taste and metabolism of carbohydrates.

As you would expect, like ghrelin Ibutamoren stimulates appetite. It also increases growth hormone levels with little to no increase in other hormones such as cortisol, the body’s ‘stress hormone’ [R] [R]. Elevated cortisol levels, especially chronically elevated levels, are usually a bad thing and are linked, among other things, to fat gain, cognitive impairment and reduced immune function.

Ibutamoren is used by athletes and physique competitors to stimulate muscle growth, as a result of increased growth hormone and IGF-1 levels, which we have already seen are responsible for growth processes in the body, including muscle growth. 

At least one study has already confirmed that Ibutamoren is a powerful way of increasing lean muscle mass and stimulating metabolic processes. In a study of 24 obese young men, the 12 who were administered Ibutamoren for two months experienced significant increases in fat-free mass and an increase in basal metabolic rate. [R

Other studies have shown that Ibutamoren could help reduce muscle wastage as a result of food deprivation, and, in a study of over 100 elderly subjects who had experienced hip fractures, Ibutamoren increased muscular power and strength, as well as helping to reduce the number of falls the subjects experienced [R] [R].

AC-262 (Accadrine): The Lowdown on This Relatively Unknown SARM

AC-262 is a non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that was created and introduced to the market by ACADIA Pharmaceuticals in San Diego, California.

Initial research on this SARM started in 2007 with animal studies and, as yet, there have been no human trials or studies done on it since. Likewise, there are few anecdotal reports about it (we could find only a handful of accounts on Reddit).

Before we go into more detail about AC-262, first we’ll give you a quick run-through of what SARMs are and how they’re used. If you want to read about SARMs in detail, we recommend consulting our one-stop primer on them, which features as part of our Ultimate Series on SARMs.

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How Strong Is AC-262?


Our trusted provider SWISS CHEMS describes AC-262 as “a great alternative to… Ostarine.”

On the basis of two available studies (here and here), More Plates More Dates came to the following conclusions about the strength of AC-262:

“AC-262536 exerted up to 66% of the anabolic benefits of Testosterone, while simultaneously only exerting 27% as much Androgenic activity.

From this we can conclude that AC-262536 has an anabolic:androgenic rating/ratio of 2.45:1

For the record, none of the SARMs that have been developed are entirely selective for anabolic effects in muscle and bone without producing some trace androgenic effects in tissues.

The most notable being the prostate gland, which we can use as a gauge to assess how androgenic a SARM is based on its’ effect on the prostate gland to some extent.

There are several SARMs that have anabolic:androgenic ratios of 3:1 and up though, and those are fairly typical.

The highest ratio among the mainstream SARMs we are aware of is currently RAD-140 with an anabolic:androgenic ratio of 90:1.

This doesn’t mean that RAD-140 will significantly outperform AC-262536 in all aspects, but it does shed some light on what we can expect as we increase the dosage of AC-262536 in our research (the higher the dose, the more androgenic side effects we can expect to start cropping up, as opposed to RAD-140 where you can expect significantly more anabolic activity than androgenic activity each time the dosage increases).”



As we’ve already stated, there isn’t a great deal of information on AC-262 at the present. The rodent studies went as high as 30mg/kg, but without human studies it’s difficult to translate this into an equivalent effective human dose.

More Plates More Dates  suggests that dosages between 10 and 30mg are effective, which are typical amounts for SARMs.

Do I Need a PCT if I Take AC-262?

Because SARMs mimic the role of naturally produced androgens in the human body, they will suppress levels of these hormones; however, the individual response will vary and some compounds, such as Ostarine, are generally considered to be less “suppressive” than others. As a result, some SARMs cycles might require post-cycle therapy (PCT) shortly after consumption or even liver protection such as NAC to combat hepatotoxicity from certain oral compounds. 

If you want to know more about PCT, read our guide here.

What is ACP-105?

ACP-105 is a new selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), made by Acadia. The manufacturer claims that ACP-105 has as potent an anabolic effect as testosterone in in-vitro assays. In pre-clinical trials, ACP-105 has demonstrated a powerful affinity for skeletal muscle, making it a true SARM.

As with RAD 150, another new SARM we’ve recently written about, there isn’t a great deal of clinical information on ACP-105 compared with other SARMs like Ostarine. What there is, though, is certainly promising.


Before we go into more detail about ACP-105, first we’ll give you a quick run-through of what SARMs are and how they’re used. If you want to read about SARMs in detail, we recommend consulting our one-stop primer on them, which features as part of our Ultimate Series on SARMs.

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How Strong is ACP 105?

Derek of More Plates More Dates fame has analysed the few studies of ACP-105, including these two (one – two) and has the following to say about ACP 105.

“The % of anabolic activity was determined to be 67%, with only 21% reversal of the prostate gland (which is used to measure androgenic activity).

From this we can conclude that this SARM has an anabolic:androgenic rating/ratio of 3.19:1

There are several SARMs that have anabolic:androgenic ratios of 3:1 and up though, so this is fairly typical.

While we can vaguely gather what we can expect from this compound (the comparisons that come to mind are Ostarine and S4), without knowing the binding affinity of the compound we can essentially only make shot in the dark guesses.

We do know what kind of interaction ACP-105 has with the androgen receptor though, which helps shed light on things a bit more.

Based on the information that was available, we know that ACP-105 is a partial agonist.


Full agonists induce greater levels of suppression, but are more potent (based on the information presented).

Partial agonists on the other hand, are less suppressive, but are typically weaker relative to Testosterone and DHT, which is the case with ACP-105.

A fairly low concentration of ACP-105 attaches to the androgen receptor better than DHT does, and is blatantly weaker than Testosterone and DHT in general.

In one sense, this is a disappointment as we are all awaiting the release of the end all be all SARM that is only exerts minor suppression, has minimal/zero androgenic side effects, and can rival or beat Testosterone in overall anabolic activity.

This is asking a lot though, and it would be more useful to simply compare ACP-105 to the other most promising mainstream SARMs to determine if it has a place in a researchers up and coming test protocols.”

So it looks like ACP-105 is more or less similar to Ostarine and Andarine in terms of anabolic performance.

The second study, in which mice that had and hadn’t been given ACP-105 were exposed to radiation and the results compared, also suggests that administration of the SARM may have motor-skill benefits such as increased speed, endurance, balance and coordination.


There’s not a huge amount of info on ACP 105 available, because of how new it is

The studies available on ACP 105 suggest an equivalent human dosage of around 11mg a day. Although there isn’t a great deal of information available, a dosage of 10-15mg a day seems to be agreed upon.

It’s worth noting that like Stenabolic, ACP-105 has a short half-life, which means that you may have to administer it up to three times a day, as the Redditor below notes. This may prove inconvenient for some, and lead them to prefer a SARM with a longer half-life like Ostarine.

Do I Need a PCT if I Take ACP-105?

Because SARMs mimic the role of naturally produced androgens in the human body, they will suppress levels of these hormones; however, the individual response will vary and some compounds, such as Ostarine, are generally considered to be less “suppressive” than others. As a result, some SARMs cycles might require post-cycle therapy (PCT) shortly after consumption or even liver protection such as NAC to combat hepatotoxicity from certain oral compounds. 

It’s clear that ACP-105 is only a partial rather than a full agonist, which means it will have less of a hormone-suppressing effect than a SARM like LGD-4033. We believe it’s probably best for you to assume you will need some kind of PCT. Ideally, you’d have blood work done before, during and at the end of your cycle to gauge accurately the degree to which the SARM has or hasn’t suppressed your natural hormone levels. 

If you want to know more about PCT, read our guide here.

How to Buy ACP-105

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RAD 150?

You may already know that there’s a SARM called RAD 140. Well, RAD 150 is RAD 140, but with some important updates; think of it as RAD 140 2.0 or RAD 140 service pack 1, etc.. 

Among the most important of the updates is that it has an increased half-life, or absorption time, which means that, once ingested, it can continue to be absorbed by the body for up to 48 hours. Most SARMs, by contrast, last only up to 24 hours.

First, we’ll recap what SARMs are before we discuss this exciting new compound.

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The Benefits of RAD 150 over RAD 140

If you’re unfamiliar with RAD 140, we suggest you read up on it now: try our article on it, which is part of our Ultimate Series on SARMs.

It’s worth saying, first of all, that RAD 150, because it is so new, has even less clinical data to back up the claims made for it and its safety profile etc. We say this because we want you to know this if you are thinking of using it. A similar consideration is in play when you compare Stenabolic with Cardarine: both compounds have very similar properties and effects, but the latter, as the senior compound, has been studied to a far greater extent.

The lack of research on this new form of RAD 140 is a turn off for some

What is supposed to distinguish RAD 150 from RAD 140 is its duration. Because of a chemical process called esterification, RAD 150 is claimed to last much longer in the body than RAD 140; in fact, about twice as long. 

The aim with this enhancement is to allow more stable serum levels of the compound over time, resulting in better muscle gain.

Not all Reddit users believe in the necessity of RAD 150

RAD 140 is generally considered to be the most ‘selective’ of all the SARMs, meaning that it has the least unwanted side effects. This is a property that has been retained, it is claimed, in RAD 150 too.

Whether RAD 150 also has the apparent neuroprotective effects RAD 140 appears to have, is unclear.

r/sarmssourcetalk - HONwestminster rad 150 12 weeks

This Reddit user definitely recommends RAD 150: displaying his results for 12 weeks

All the anecdotal evidence, which will have to stand in for clinical data, suggests that users can expect roughly the same results from either compound. 

When dosing with RAD 150, if you do decide to try it, you must take into account that it stays in the body for two days, rather than one.

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LGD-3303 (VK5211, Anabolicum)


Also known as VK5211 and Anabolicum, LGD-3303 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) created by Ligand Pharmaceutals similar in nature to LGD-4033.

According to Ligand Pharmaceuticals:

“LGD-3303 is a potent and highly selective androgen receptor full agonist in skeletal muscle, a classic target tissue for androgen action. By comparison, in the prostate and sebaceous glands, the compound is a weak partial agonist. The sparing of these non-target tissues by effective, pharmacologic doses of LGD-3303 provides a novel and potentially safer treatment for osteoporosis.”

They previously said: ” Ligand tested the effect of LGD-3303 on bone density and strength in a three-month study using daily oral doses in ovariectomized, osteopenic rats, a well established model of post-menopausal osteoporosis.”

However, athletes and recreational weightlifters may choose to employ SARMs such as LGD-3303 to enhance their performance in the gym or within their discipline of choice.

How does LGD-3303 Compare With LGD-4033?

At first glance, LGD-3303 appears to be a revamped version of LGD-4033 with slightly dryer gains, a more limited side effect profile, and a shorter half-life of up to 6-12 hours. However, more research is needed to ascertain the side effects of this relatively unknown SARM.

How Androgenic LGD-3303 is — via

According to the above graph, it is a partial agonist to the prostate and full-on agonist to muscles.

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MPMD goes onto write:

As you can see, at the 1 mg/kg/day dosage (the dosage roughly equivalent to the standard starting daily dosage for research in humans) the effect on prostate weight (proposed androgenic activity) was minimal relative to what prostate weight was when the research subject wasn’t using LGD-3303 at all.

“With this statistic, we can assume that the androgenic effects in the body are minimal at the effective dosage for muscle building purposes, thus making it a very promising SARM.

“LGD-3303 shares a very similar chemical structure to LGD-4033, which is a far more “mainstream” and popular SARM, notorious for its’ fantastic mass building properties relative to the other most commonly used SARMs.”

How it compares with LGD-4033:

  • Dryer Gains
  • Similar “Pop” to wetter compounds
  • Helps preserve lean muscle tissue in caloric deficit
  • Strength gains
  • Shorter half-life
  • Anecdotally more suppressive
LGD 3303 30mg/ml



LGD-2226 is a new selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM that has shown promise in prelimary studies.

According to one study:

LGD2226 is a nonsteroidal, nonaromatizable, highly selective ligand for the AR, exhibiting virtually no affinity for the other intracellular receptors. We determined that AR bound to LGD2226 exhibits a unique pattern of protein-protein interactions compared with testosterone, fluoxymesterone (an orally available steroidal androgen), and other steroids, suggesting that LGD2226 alters the conformation of the ligand-binding domain.

We demonstrated that LGD2226 is fully active in cell-based models of bone and muscle. LGD2226 exhibited anabolic activity on muscle and bone with reduced impact on prostate growth in rodent models. Biomechanical testing of bones from animals treated with LGD2226 showed strong enhancement of bone strength above sham levels. LGD2226 was also efficacious in a sex-behavior model in male rats measuring mounts, intromissions, ejaculations, and copulation efficiency.

These results with an orally available, nonaromatizable androgen demonstrate the important role of the AR and androgens in mediating a number of beneficial effects in bone, muscle, and sexual function independent from the conversion of androgens into estrogenic ligands. Taken together, these results suggest that orally active, nonsteroidal selective androgen receptor modulators may be useful therapeutics for enhancing muscle, bone, and sexual function.“

Benefits of LGD-2226

Although it has yet to be released for sale, some anecdotal reports have indicated the following benefits:

  • muscular gains
  • increased bone density
  • improved stamina
  • increased fat loss
  • low side-effect profile
  • little suppression
  • increased strength and athleticism
  • little to no prostate enlargement

At present, it seems that the touted benefits of this new SARM are very similar to other SARMs currently on the market.

Tissue-selective agonist activity of LGD2226. A, The muscle weights (levator ani) from eight rats treated for 2 wk with the indicated compound are averaged and plotted as a percentage of sham controls (percent efficacy) together with the SEM. T (F) and LGD2226 (E) were administered in doses up to 100 mg/kg. B, Ventral prostate weights from these same animals are plotted similarly together with the SEM for each dose. C, LH levels in serum are shown relative to sham. In this case, 100% represents sham-like levels of suppression of LH.  
Androgenicity of LGD-2226

The study found: “Tissue-selective agonist activity of LGD2226. A, The muscle weights (levator ani) from eight rats treated for 2 wk with the indicated compound are averaged and plotted as a percentage of sham controls (percent efficacy) together with the SEM. T (F) and LGD2226 (E) were administered in doses up to 100 mg/kg. B, Ventral prostate weights from these same animals are plotted similarly together with the SEM for each dose. C, LH levels in serum are shown relative to sham. In this case, 100% represents sham-like levels of suppression of LH.”

LGD2226, a selective AR agonist . A and B, The structure (A) of LGD2226...  | Download Scientific Diagram

Like with most SARMs, LGD-2226 can be suppressive — and it is advised to run a PCT following a course of SARMs based on your bloodwork.


OPK-88004: A promising new SARM


OPK-88004 is a novel SARM developed by Transition Therapeutics, which was bought by OKPO in 2016.

Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA, experimented with 114 men who had their prostate removed after doctors had detected a non-metastatic form of prostate cancer. The researchers divided the men into 4 groups, and gave them a capsule containing 0 [the placebo group], 1, 5 or 15 milligrams of OPK-88004 every day for 12 weeks.

Over the course of the 12 weeks, OPK-88004 increased lean body mass and reduced fat mass. The highest dose of OPP-88004 tested (15 milligrams per day) produced the best results.

Muscle gain and fat loss during the study

The 15 milligram dose of OPK-88004 also seemed to improve performance on the stair climber and leg press (see the table below). The result, however, was not considered to be statistically significant.

Leg strength changes during the study

OPK-88004 did not increase PSA levels. This means that the SARM did not stimulate the growth of any prostate cancer cells present.

Interestingly, although OPK-88004 lowered the total testosterone level and the estradiol (i.e. estrogen) level, it actually increased the free testosterone level.

OPK-88004 also had no libido-boosting effects. For this reason, and because the effects of the new SARM on strength and physical performance did not seem to match the lean-mass-gain and fat-loss effects, the researchers are unsure about OPK-88004’s market potential, unless further testing takes place.

“The administration of a SARM in androgen-deficient men who had undergone radical prostatectomy for low-grade organ-confined prostate cancer was safe and not associated with PSA recurrence”, write the researchers.

“OPK-88004 increased lean body mass and decreased fat mass but did not improve sexual symptoms or physical performance.”

“The short-term safety data are reassuring and provide the rationale for investigating the efficacy of SARMs, such as the OPK-88004, that were developed for their preferential muscle and bone anabolic effects, among prostate cancer survivors with physical dysfunction, and for developing novel SARMs that preferentially improve sexual function.”

So how can you tell if you have low testosterone?

The easiest and most definitive way is to have a blood test. A normal testosterone level range for men is 300 to 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl), whereas for women, it’s between 15 and 70 ng/dl. If as a man your testosterone is below 300 ng/dl, you have low testosterone.

But this is putting the cart before the horse, because before you decide to have a test you will experience some or all of the following symptoms, assuming you actually do have low testosterone.

You’ll have good reason to ask the question ‘Do I have low T?, because in some very obvious ways you’ll feel like less of a man.

The main symptoms include:

  • Reduced libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fertility problems (inability to conceive)
  • Fatigue/Low Energy
  • Depression/Lowered Mood
  • Weight Gain
  • Muscle Loss

Boys with low testosterone may develop slower, with little or no body hair, under-developed muscles and smaller penises; and men with low T will have difficulty building muscle, no matter how hard they try.

In extreme cases of low testosterone, usually referred to as hypogonadism, men may also develop breast tissue (gynecomastia) and osteoporosis (reduced bone density).

Hypogonadism has a variety of causes, which include:

  • Certain genetic disorders
  • HIV
  • Pituitary disorders, including pituitary tumours and injuries
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Obesity and also rapid weight loss
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Steroid use

Obesity, in particular, is an increasingly common cause of hypogonadism.

Stored fat is highly estrogenic and can wreak havoc on your testosterone levels.

In fact, losing fat is one of the quickest ways to remedy low testosterone — as well as chronic inflammation.

Assess how you feel after finishing the cycle and this should give you an idea of the degree of testosterone suppression.

This also applies after you complete your SARMs PCT to assess the indicators of a successful post cycle therapy.

Always ensure to take enough time off between cycles to ensure adequate recovery; listen to your body and if in doubt, take more time off.

If you need a PCT, you can click here to protect your endocrine system following a cycle.

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Coach Greg explains whether SARMs are safe

Are SARMs Present in Other Supplements?

Generally, no. In large part, this is because SARMs are not approved for human consumption in the US or any other country. As a result, there are no legal medications or dietary supplements that contain SARMs, and that includes ostarine. 

However, in certain cases it appears that some supplement manufacturers have put SARMs – illegally – into their supplements and labelled them as ‘legal steroids’ or chemicals for ‘research purposes only’.

OE Zeus Juice Banner

Manufacturers may also omit a SARM such as Ostarine from the list of ingredients or give it a different or misleading name — Ostarine also goes by the name of enobosarm, MK-266 and GTx-024.

If you have any doubts about a supplement, first consult the label and then, if you are not convinced, check the USADA’s Supplement 411.

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How to Do SARMs Safely?

There is no 100% surefire way to guarantee that a SARMs cycle will be 100% safe. But there are various methods you can employ to ensure that you minimize the risk suffered from potential side effects.

Get Bloodwork

You should consult your physician before doing SARMs or any performance enhancing drugs.

This is because they can pose a potential health risk if left unchecked and every one reacts differently to new compounds in their bodies.

Some SARMs may elevated liver enzymes, while others might skew lipid profiles negatively.

You should seek bloodwork before, during and after your SARMs cycles.

Side Effect Protocols

The side effect profiles of each SARM varies. Some are more suppressive than others, while some may induce hair loss (LGD-4033), blurred vision (Andarine), or a watery ejaculation consistency (RAD140).

To reiterate:

Some studies have suggested that there may be changes to the user’s blood profile, especially to cholesterol levels, and that levels of liver enzymes may increase, a sign of increased strain on the liver. [R]

 It should be noted that there needs to be further investigation to understand the clinical significance of changes to HDL cholesterol levels in particular as a result of oral androgen administration. Whether or not this is associated with increased cardiovascular risk, for instance, remains unclear.

One study suggested that SARMs might cause not just elevated liver enzyme levels but actual liver damage. [R] Careful examination of that study suggests clear flaws that bring that conclusion into doubt. The first of the two subjects studied was a binge drinker, which is more likely to have caused the liver damage, and the second was on an antidepressant (Venlafaxine) associated with high liver toxicity. [R] [R]

The interaction of SARMs with other drugs, such as antidepressants, also awaits further investigation.

Protocols For Raised Liver Enzymes

This is a fairly common side effect for SARMs and oral steroids.

We recommend any of the following:

Avoid medications that can raise your liver enzymes and alcohol/drugs while you are on cycle.

Protocols For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can occur from “Wet” compounds such as LGD-4033. Increased bloating and water retention can raise blood pressure.

Aside from supplements, changes to a diet lower in sodium and increased cardio can both lower blood pressure.

Protocols For Potential Hair Loss

LGD-4033 can suppress your follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). If you’re prone to male-pattern baldness, throwing in finasteride can counteract certain unwanted side-effects.

Protocols For Poor Blood Work (Raised Cholesterol)

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be eating fast food/junk food on cycle — or at all, for that matter. Assuming you decide to take SARMs because you are wanting to train at a higher level, your diet and training should be on point. It is silly to eat like garbage and party like no tomorrow while on PEDs.

Cardarine (GW-501516) is often run alongside other SARMs such as MK-2886 or RAD-140 to help either mitigate potential weight gain from eating in a caloric surplus or facilitate fat loss in a cut. Cardarine can also, however, help mitigate reductions in high-density cholesterol (HDL) and increases in low-density cholesterol (LDL).

Other more traditional methods include adding more cardio into your diet, while reducing total fat intake, and a generic supplement — which actually contains many of the ingredients found in our protocols for lowering blood pressure.

Post-Cycle Therapy

This will vary from person to person — and can only be properly ascertained through blood work. All SARMs, since they mimic the effects of androgens, will lead to some suppression.

Now, remedying a drop in natural testosterone production can be reverse by a simple cessation of cycle, addition of a test booster, or changes in diet, some lifters might need to take further action depending on dosages and duration of cycle.

Protocols For Post Cycle Therapy

Again, depending on which compounds you decide to run and at what dosage, you may opt to choose Clomiphene or Tamoxifen to restore your testosterone levels after completing a cycle. There are other options out there according to your cycle — you are beholden to research proper PCT protocols following your cycle to avoid any nasty consequences.

Where to Get SARMs?

Warning: SARMs are not meant for human consumption and the long term effects of SARMs have not be observed. Please contact a physician before deciding to purchase SARMs or other PEDs.

With the FDA clamping down on online SARMs providers, it can become increasingly challenging to buy SARMs in 2021.

Former SARMs giant Proven Peptides was recently handed a cease and desist letter, prompting them to immediately halt operations and making it difficult for lifters to buy SARMs.

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Organizations such as the FDA and medical lobbying groups have pressured for the illegalization of SARMs — often suggesting that they be treated like anabolic steroids on the grounds of some questionable studies.

While the long term side effects of SARMs haven’t been observed — due to their relatively recent prevalence in fitness circles — some have raised concerns over the performance enhancing drugs.

In order to circumvent legal requirements, SARMs providers must not sell SARMs for human consumption, often labeling their products as for “research purposes.”

And, as a result, less-than-trustworthy SARMs providers have answered the demand from those looking to buy SARMs.

Some SARMS providers misrepresent the quantity, purity, concentration of the SARMS they sell which can make it difficult for the potential user to properly gauge what is being taken and whether or not they’re getting the most out of their cycle.

Several anecdotes have appeared online blasting their providers for selling them either underdosed SARMs or a liquid which contains no active ingredients.

Many lifters searching the web to buy SARMs fear being left shortchanged.

For more information on SARMs, you can read our extensive growing series on SARMs starting with OstarineLigandrol and RAD 140.

Since various providers have been shut down — or face being shut down — they have moved onto different supplements or niches to avoid full closure of business.

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One provider, Rat’s Army, originally distanced their product range by offering flavored SARMs — for research purposes, of course — giving the user a novel experience.

With various exotic flavors such as “Grandma’s Pie,” “Clown Tears,” and “White Girl” — I have no idea what this one is meant to be — Rat’s Army offers a very affordable full range of SARMs, including Tamoxifen for Post Cycle Therapy, that are subject to frequent sales.

Rat’s Army are fully stocked with most SARMs often discussed on various forums or on social media by your favorite influencers and models.

SARMs such as Ostarine, Ligandrol, RAD-140, S4, among others are available for purchase on the website.

The provider also boasts bottles with pre-made stacks directed at “cutting” or “bulking” for more experienced users seeking a more tailor-made cycle.

buy SARMs (Slyced)
Slyced — dosed Cardarine and Ostarine for targeted “cutting” results

The combo below is not for first-time users as it contains stronger compounds.

Mass Stack
Mass Stack

If you want to buy SARMs, Rat’s Army provide a pleasant user experience and rapid response times.

Rat’s Army also offers various methods of payment including by a wide range of cards and Bitcoin.

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Disclaimer: we are not medical professionals. If you wish to consume SARMs and/or other performance enhancing drugs, we urge that you take the appropriate channels and consult your physician. Please ensure that you request comprehensive bloodwork to protect your health, under the care of your physician.

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